Yoga styles given by Balans

Vinyasa Flow: A physical, intensive style of yoga where movement is linked to the breath.

Hatha yoga:  In reality, this is an ‘umbrella’ covering all yoga styles. In the west, however, this name is mainly used for classes where there is a short pose or break in between the asana’s (yoga positions).

Yin yoga: This is a series of asana’s on the ground where the muscles remain relaxed. The aim is to amplify the connective tissues such as the ligaments and cartilage, to maintain and maximise the healthy mobility of the joints. This can not be achieved in the more active, well-known forms of yoga where the aim is to re-enforce and extend the muscles.

To stimulate the joints in a safe, effective way, it is necessary to place light tension on the muscles for a longer period of time. We hold every posture for between 3 to 5 minutes, always sitting or lying; therefore no muscle power is being used. It is the perfect complement for all active (yang) yoga. It activates the meridians and organs preparing the mind for meditation.